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Trick Daddy Calls Ebro Darden a B***h over Radio Host’s Interview with Kodak Black: ‘I Want Smoke’

Trick Daddy sent an angry message to Ebro Darden after the Hot 97 host had an awkward interview with Kodak Black. Ebro brought up Kodak’s sexual misconduct charge from an alleged incident in 2016, and Trick didn’t like it.

“Ebro, you disrespected the homie. You tried a young n—-,” he said on Instagram. “Kodak my lil n—-. I want smoke, n—-. You get on the radio, you’re supposed to be an older n—–. You’re supposed to be a n—– that’s supposed to lead these n—– not into temptation.”

Trick Daddy threatened Ebro Darden over the Kodak Black interview


“You’re supposed to get these n—- and put them under your wing and teach them the right from wrong,” Trick added. “But your bitch ass –, you’re trying to be a fake ass Charlamagne. There’s only one Charlamagne Tha God, p—-.”  

The “Nann” rapper then said he didn’t like that Ebro brought up a subject that Kodak couldn’t talk about since the case hasn’t been settled yet.

“Keep Kodak name out your mouth and stop bringing up shit you know the lil’ homie can’t talk about on the radio, bitch ass n—-,” Trick barked.

Other people who’ve publicly blasted Ebro for the way he handled the interview include Tory Lanez, who said the New York radio host was dead wrong.

“Ebro, I love you to death, but this was some real bitch ass n—- sh–,” he stated  

Ebro hasn’t responded to Trick or Tory specifically, but he did send a general response to everyone blasting him, especially the rappers.

“I don’t need none of y’all rappers,” he stated. “We ain’t have none of these rappers up here, none, zero, we have had success without a single one of y’all.”

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