Masika Kalysha Hands Out Epic Clapback to Fans Accusing Her of Having Plastic Surgery

Masika Kalysha packed the verbal heat for folks who bashed her “fake” appearance.

The “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” star frequently fires off on critics who try to body-shame her curvy physique, and recently she let naysayers know she’s comfortable in the skin she’s in. She recently shared a saucy photo of herself on social media that sparked controversy in her comment section.

Kalysha posted an image of herself sporting red underwear and a transparent black cropped top from “Fashion Nova,” revealing a lot of skin, including her stomach, hips and thighs. She wrote in the caption, “I know exactly what you’re thinking… where’d she get that top? 😇.”

Masika Kalysha

(photo credit @masikakalysha)

Instagram users trashed Kalysha’s appearance and blasted her for seemingly having cosmetic surgery done to her body.

“Did she get an tummy tuck 🤔.”

“Looks I like a liposuction succulent dream period!”

“No I’m thing where u get that surgery 😂😂😂…”

“Damnnnn you look fake.”

“Lord I pray mys plastic surgeon never leave me looking like this 😢.”

“She had lipsuction.”

The reality star apparently had enough of critics’ assumptions and fired back, “😂 Ya’ll hoes be so mad! Ya’ll think I look too good to be natural. Thank you! 😍 If I’m ever feeling insecue about my cellulite, scars & other imperfections imma just come to IG so ya’ll can tell me what surgeries I must have had. Instant confidence boost 😍.” She added, “Mindy yo own go damn business. Ya’ll so damn lame. bothered to the gods.”

Other folks gawked over Kalysha’s figure and commented on how great she looked.

“Perfect! Body goals 😻.”

“Okay gorgeous come through with yo thick self 😍.”

“DAMMM you look amazing, nice pic baby😘🔥.”

“You look dope af fuck the haters ❤️.”

The former “Love and Hip Hip: Hollywood” star admitted to having lip fillers, but denied having any other cosmetic surgery.

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