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Folks Call ‘GUHHATL’ Masika Kalysha ‘Petty Bessie’ After Firing Off on Fan

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Masika Kalysha shut a fan down quickly who questioned what she did for a living.

Kalysha has been deemed the “clap back queen” on social media and she proves time-and-time again that she has no tolerance for malarkey. On Wednesday, the reality star took to Twitter to express how exhausted she was after a long day’s work. She wrote, “Drained … I work so hard … take care of too many people … bout to cut some of these b**ches off for real.”

One fan rubbed Kalysha the wrong way by asking about her “career.”

“Not trying to be rude but what is your career? like what is your actual job?” the person asked.

“Masika” apparently had time yesterday and clapped back, “I walk pet fish for a living. Not to be rude but get my d**k out ur actual mouth 😊.”

Masika Kalysha


People in the comment section were in stitches over the 33-year-old’s over-the-top response back to the fan.

“Lmao that’s why I love @masikakalysha 😂.”

“Dam lmfaoo it was just a question ! Tf is her deal 😂 damn! #HammerTime! #Money.”

“Y’all stupid stupid.. even if these celebrities don’t have an actual job.. they still getting cheques from promoting products. Tf….. btw she’s on a reality show & that A JOB. PLUS she da clapback queen! 😭.”

“I love you sis @masikakalysha but she was only asking a question lawdahmercy rotf 🤦🏻‍♀️😩😩😭.”

“She is always on go🤣😂 lololll relax.”

“Walk pet fish?!?!?!? She didnt need to say anything else after that🤣.”

One person commented, “Classic read 🤣!!! I love it!! Masika ALWAYS the clap back champ!”

Kalysha starred on the first four seasons of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood“, but quit the show in February. She admitted to being fed up with the way she was being portrayed on the show and being involved in drama.

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