Ciara Wants Court Mediation to Get New Travel Schedule for Son to Visit Dad Future

After failing to get a travel schedule for their son hammered out on their own, Ciara is asking for court mediation in ongoing discussions about it with her ex-fiancé Future.

The singer had previously stated that cross-country visits were wearing thin on young Future Zahir and documents obtained by TMZ Wednesday say Ciara’s legal team wants the court to force the elder Future into arbitration. The Dec. 12 report added that if a judge doesn’t require the rapper to go into mediation, the “Dose” singer is not above taking the case to trial.

The former couple, whose three-year relationship ended in a broken engagement in 2016, first began trying to solidify a travel plan for their 4-year-old son in April. At the time, Ciara accused Future of skipping out on visits with Baby Future, often canceling at the last minute and throwing her plans out the window. She also claimed the MC, who is scheduled to tour in Europe in February, of leaving his son with his mother or grandmother instead of looking after the toddler when he is in his dad’s home state of Georgia.

Ciara alleges that her son traveling from Seattle — where he lives with his mom, baby sister and stepdad Russell Wilson — is emotionally taxing on Baby Future. So much so that the tot will throw tantrums.

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