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T.I., Lil Duval, 50 Cent Offer Their Two Cents to Cardi B: Take Back Offset

50 Cent, T.I., Lil Duval and others had a message for Cardi B: Please take Offset back.

They relayed that message to Cardi after she split with the Migos member and there were several reports that he was unfaithful.

50 Cent and others told Cardi B to take Offset back


“That’s a cute outfit,” wrote 50 next to a clip of Cardi performing. “But you gotta go home. That boy love you, girl. No divorce, okay? Chill out.”

Lil Duval also gave the Bronx rapper some advice, which T.I. agreed with.

“Life too short to be leaving n—– just ’cause they cheated,” wrote Duval. “I don’t know who need to hear this but @iambardib, #tomorrowisntpromised, #takeoffsetback.”

“I totally agree,” T.I. chimed in.

Ray J spoke about the split as well and suggested that Cardi should give Offset room to make some errors and grow.

“My prayers are going out because I think they’re good for each other,” Ray told TMZ. “Sometimes you make mistakes and you wanna get it right and learn from the mistakes. I can only just pray for them.”

The celebrity comments started an entire debate about whether the “Bodak Yellow” rhymer should give Offset another chance or if she did the right thing by leaving.

One woman said that Cardi should walk away for good, just to set a decent example for their daughter Kulture, if nothing else.

It takes a real man to know the worth of a woman,” she wrote on 50’s page. “She forgave him more than once. She then gave birth to his child who happened to be her first. Would @offsetyrn want the man who married Kulture to be cheating on her while she was married and pregnant? I’m guessing no. @iamcardib doesn’t have a baby to raise, she’s raising a child to become a strong independent woman. And staying with Offset isn’t doing Kulture any favors.”

On the other side of the argument, some said Offset shouldn’t receive all the blame, because fans don’t know the entirety of their relationship and what Cardi was like.

“Everybody just assumed Offset was the cause of the breakup, like Cardi was perfect,” someone wrote. “Nobody knew what actually went wrong in that marriage so stop pointing fingers. You are not party to that marriage.”

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