‘Sexy As Hell:’ Cynthia Bailey’s Ex-Boyfriend Leon Robinson Has RHOA Viewers Delightfully Distracted

Cynthia Bailey and her ex-boyfriend Leon Robinson were enjoying a meal with their daughter while discussing her future in college. But all fans could focus on during the Sunday night episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was how attractive the actor is.

As Bailey and Robinson clashed over whether or not it was appropriate for 19-year-old Howard University freshman Noelle Robinson to drink — Bailey stated she wanted her daughter to “practice” — fans were more interested in Leon’s appearance. And they eagerly tweeted about it as the scene played out.

“I am glad we got our annual fine ass Leon appearance. #RHOA”

“I don’t get Cynthia, she couldn’t just go back to Leon fine ass #rhoa.”

“just a reminder that Leon is sexy as hell!!!!”

“Can Leon be on #RHOA please? We ❤ him @Bravotv”

“Leon is 56yrs old. LOOK AT THIS FINE MUTHAFUCKA. Cynthia couldn’t have picked a better baby daddy #RHOA.”

“Leon is still Fineeeeeee 😍 #RHOA”

“Imagine having Leon as your baby daddy #RHOA.”

“Leon is sexy to me…. #RHOA.”

“Leon is an absolute snack oh my #RHOA.”

Bailey, who dated Leon back in the 1990s, discussed her relationship with him as a co-parent on her Bravo blog Dec. 10.

“I knew that the moment I found out that I was pregnant by Leon, he was the kind of man that I could parent and co-parent with regardless of whether or not we stayed together in a relationship,” the model said. “We share similar morals and values on how to raise a child. Although things didn’t work out for us as a couple, I will always love him for helping me bring our beautiful, smart, and kind Noelle into the world. He is Noelle’s dad, and he will always be a part of my family.”


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