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50 Cent and Starz CEO Chris Albrecht Talk $150 Million Deal, ‘BMF’ Series and Upcoming ‘Power’ Prequel

50 Cent and Starz CEO Chris Albrecht talked about the show “Power” and 50’s multi-million dollar deal to develop new shows for the network.

The conversation began when Albrecht was asked what initially drew him to 50 as a business partner, and he said it had to do with his marketing ability, plus, the rapper being a staunch businessman, who keeps his word.

50 Cent and Starz's CEO talk 50's $150 million deal in new interview


Meanwhile, 50 said he was attracted to the network because it would allow him to show the true grittiness of street life and hip-hop culture.

Then later in the interview, the rapper talked about his highly anticipated “BMF” series, which is about the notorious drug organization the Black Mafia Family. Fif said among all the series in the works, he’s most excited about that particular show, as well as a “Power” prequel that’ll be based on his early days in the streets.

“The prequel is my spin-off, because I get to come back. I’m dead,” said Fif, referring to his “Power” character Kanan. “It gives a chance to show the world where all of these characters grew, so you can see the defining moments develop, the imperfections that people are attracted to at the moment. It’s exciting, man.”

At one point during the discussion, the host brought up the $150 million deal that 50 secured but confirmed that it’s based on the new shows being successful and achieving high ratings.

Albrecht said he was confident in the investment because he believes the New York native will deliver and feels that folks are really interested in crime dramas these days.

“The investment we made alongside of Curtis is because it’s of a creative force, a creative businessman and we’re going to get a lot out of this business that we created together,” said Albrecht. “Because there’s obviously a lot of consumers attracted to that brand. ”

You can see the interview below.

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