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Lil Mama Hears Bow Wow’s ‘She’s Easy’ Rumor, Calmly Takes Him Apart in Video Rebuttal

Lil Mama had a bone to pick with Bow Wow after he told a mutual friend that she was “easy” to sleep with.

A new episode of “Growing Up Hip Hip: Atlanta” aired last week, and during one of the clips, Bow Wow boasted to one of his homies that Lil Mama was “easy” and that he could be smashing “in a week.” The “So So Def” rapper also insinuated that the actress invited him to New York to possibly “do some things.”

Lil Mama

(photo credit: Instagram/from left Lil Mama and Bow Wow)

The “Lip Gloss” artist wasn’t here for Bow’s commentary and fired off on him in an Instagram post on Sunday, Dec. 9, all while remaining extremely unbothered.

“I want to start this off just by saying you played yourself, kid,” said the 29-year-old while slowly opening and reading her mail.

“Bow Wow, you know, that in all the years that I’ve ever known you, you have never known a n****a to f**k me in a week. So to even give BT advice like ‘Oh, y’all gonna be f**king in a week.’ you’re being a clown.”

Lil Mama then clarified that she invited Bow Wow to New York for emotional support after he offered to set her up on a date.

“I was trying to bring you around some real niggas,” she said in a second video that’s now been deleted from her page. “You want to commit suicide one day. You’re going crazy here. You’re going crazy there. I come from a grounded environment that I was trying to bring you to. We’re doing a TV show. We’re creating content. You are far from the type of man that I could see myself being with, sleeping with or anything of that nature.”

Of course, Bow Wow responded back to Lil Mama on social media by saying that she was “beefing” with her “own self” and added, “2019 not responding to none of you niggas when it comes to the Internet s**t.”

(bow wow Instagram post)

Lil Mama and Bow Wow were friends when they were younger in the entertainment business. On the show, she said that Bow was even there for her when her mother passed away from breast cancer in 2007. However, the “Shoe Game” rapper said there was no way she was letting Bow Wow off the hook with his degrading remarks about her, and she even threatened to rough him up a bit.

“There are so many things that I could address about this show, but I’m not going to let everything pull my attention,” Lil Mama added before addressing Bow Wow and his ex-girlfriend Kiyomi, who threatened to “slap” her for allegedly pushing up on Bow.

“Y’all could believe what y’all want to believe. Before we start talking about a female beating my ass or anything like that let’s just be clear: I will smack the sh*t out of you. Period!”

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