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‘LHH’ Star Alexis Skyy Remains Quiet As Fans Work on Her Behalf to Secure a Paternity Test

Love and Hip Hop” star Alexis Skyy apparently won’t have to deal with her paternity drama much longer after television personality Judge Lauren Lake extended her services this past week.

Skyy seems to be in a sticky situation with her former boyfriend Fetty Wap, whom she claims is the father of her 8-month-old daughter Alaiya Grace. The new mother said the rapper refuses to take a paternity test and doesn’t believe baby Alaiya is his. On top of that, an artist by the name of Solo Lucci said he believes the little girl is his child and wants take a DNA test.

Folks recently tagged Judge Lake, who’s the star of “Paternity Court” to help Skyy with her “baby daddy” drama. The judge took to Instagram on Wednesday and addressed the DMs she’d received concerning Skyy and her parental crisis.

“I’ve been getting a lot of shout outs today … concerning some ‘Love and Hip Hop’ New York paternity drama. If you need me you know we’ll get the answers for you,” Lake said in the video.

She also wrote in her caption, “If ya’ll need me I’m just a call away! 🙋🏾 @paternitycourttv is now in session! #truthbetold #dna #99.9.”

“Yessss! Lauren lake gets down to it 😂!” one fan commented.

“They need you bad @alexiskyy & @sololucci 🤣.”

“First Maury now Judge Lake! Sis better take the help 😂.”

One person tagged Skyy and wrote, “I’m ready too @alexisskyy contact @paternitycourttv to shut up your haters!”

Skyy has yet to respond to Lake’s offer, but she did address the backlash she recently received for making comments about being on Medicaid.

“So, I keep seeing people talking about Medicaid. You guys gotta be dumb. My daughter was a micro-preemie,” Sky said in a now deleted Instagram video. “She automatically qualified for Medicaid because she was in the NICU, ok? The only reason I’m explaining myself right now is because I don’t play that ‘oh you got bags…'”

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