Robert Griffin III Gets Roasted After Cutting Off Famous Braids: ‘Hairline Looking Like The Dow Jones’

Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson and Ludacris are just some of the male celebrities who’ve been known for having braids before they got rid of them. Then you have people like Pusha T who are still holding strong.

The NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III, aka RG3, is another person who’s braids have been a part of his motif, and he recently cut them off as well. He also showed his hairstyle in a Christmas photo with wife Grete Sadeiko.

Robert Griffin III gets clowned for bad haircut


But the problem is, Griffin didn’t get a bunch of compliments as he probably thought he would. Instead, he was skewered with jokes about not having a proper fade or even a defined hairline for that matter.

Plus, there’s a big patch of hair missing on one of his sides, and people commented quickly pointed all of those things out.

“The barber lined him up with a Walmart gift card,” one person wrote.

“Hairline looking like the Down Jones,” wrote another.

“RG3 looks like he brushes his hair with a brick,” a third person tweeted.

And there were plenty of memes too.

One person, for example, posted a slew of shocked faces sitting in an audience, presumably to convey how surprising it is that RG3’s hairline is so mangled.

Another Twitter user posted a closeup of that big patch of hair missing, then uploaded a picture of Florida’s peninsula and compared the two.

Back in September, when RG3 first cut his braids, he showed himself with a decent haircut, so it’s not clear why he hasn’t maintained that look.

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