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Nene Leakes Hits Back After Folks Accuse Her of Being a ‘Clout Chaser’

Nene Leakes just wanted to share some shots from a recent Walk of Fame ceremony honoring a major Hollywood screenwriter but the celebratory pics got derailed by accusations of her being a “clout chaser.”

Leakes has managed to leverage her stardom from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” to nab roles in projects like a spot on “Glee” and “The New Normal” and as such, she was invited to creator Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Tuesday, Dec. 4.

“(SWIPE) Great lunch, Great company, Great laughs and a whole lotta Great actors supporting and cheering on our Fairy God Mother @mrrmurphy as he is given a STAR on Hollywood Walk of Fame. @im.angelabassett @gwynethpaltrow Glad I was the chosen one☝🏾! Thank you Ryan for blessing me! (um there’s a shadow shining on us for y’all crazy people that need to know),” Leakes captioned a photo set of her with “American Horror Story” star Angela Bassett and Gwyneth Paltrow, who appeared on “Glee.”

nene leakes


Several fans cheered on Leakes for rubbing elbows with other actresses who have worked with Murphy.

“You Go Girl😍”

“Y’all look amazing❤️”


“Nene be posting celebrities# you go girlie😂.”

But others pointed out that Leakes’ intentions may not have been so pure and it caused her to lash out.

“Angela felt that Clout Chasing spirit on her. I love you sis but you be so friendly with ppl you dont know and rude af to ppl you do. SMH,” one commenter said.

“@teflondonna96 Hunni boob boo i know Angela! We have had the same attorney for years and have met several times. In fact, she asked me to take this picture! Not me🤣🤣 bye b—-,” Leakes hit back.

NeNe Leakes

“Funny how you posted them. Not one of them posted you. #CloutChasing,” another detractor remarked.

“@henriques.foster 🤣🤣 you so sad,” Leakes said.

NeNe Leakes

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