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‘Black Ink’ Fans Struggling to Like Cast, New Pic Reminds Them Of How Much They Miss the Old Crew

A picture of the “Black Ink Crew” co-stars was recently shared to social media, and fans weren’t too happy about seeing new faces.

Viewers have been introduced to several new castmates over the past three seasons of “Black Ink.” Season 1 fan favorites such as Puma, Richard Oh Shit, Dutchess, and other former tattoo artists were fired by shop owner Ceaser Emanuel a few years ago because of “disloyalty.” Other artists such as Young Bae, Donna Lombardi, Tati, Alex and more were hired to replace the original co-stars, and fans appear to be quite unhappy with new cast.

Black Ink Crew

(From left) Tati, Young Bae, Melody Mitchell, and Miss Kitty have all replaced original “Black Ink Crew” members. (photo credit: @blackinkcrew)

Bae took to Instagram last week and shared a photo of she, Tati, Melody Mitchell and Miss Kitty. The caption for the image read, “Loving the crew #blackinkcrew.”

However, fans made it clear they weren’t too thrilled about the new co-stars featured on the recent seasons of “Black Ink Crew.”

“These are all substitutes 🙄.”

“Where the f**k is the real cast members.”

“Smh and black ink crew will never be the same again.”

“What happened to the original cast😪?”

“His show finna be so ass I’m not watching it anymore. Wtf is going on?”

“How is this a crew without Sky. Yeah I miss the old black ink.”

Other fans suggest the show keep it’s current cast members.

“This is my favorite season so far loving you guys😍!”

“I actually like the new cast 🤷‍♀️.”

Viewers recently complained that Emanuel was on a power trip and has been firing everybody from his tattoo shop. The latest episode of “Black Ink” he fired Lombardi and his right-hand employee Days.

One person wrote, “The way Ceasar treats people is gonna be the downfall of black ink 😒 . You can’t run a business and treat your employees like shit and expect them to stay.”

Another added, “Caesar is gonna go to the shop one day and nobody is gonna be there cause he treats everyone like shit!”

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