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‘LHH’ Fans Drag Cyn Santana for Asking Joe Budden a Question He Can Reply To In Only One Way

Cyn Santana appeared to cause confusion among fans in the latest episode of “Love and Hip Hop” after she asked her boyfriend of two years, Joe Budden, to confess his love to her.

Santana and Budden seemed to be going through a “dry spell” in their sex life since the birth of their baby boy Lexington. Therefore, Santana took matters into her own hands and devised a plan she thought would get Budden springing into action.

At an attempt to get her freak on, Santana popped in at one of Budden’s public appearances for his podcast “The Joe Budden Podcast.” The 26-year-old mother grabbed a microphone and asked the love of her life, “Am I the best relationship you ever had?”

The “Pump It Up” rapper responded, “Silly of me for thinking that went without question. I am more in love with you than I have been with anyone else.”

“LHH” viewers, on the other hand, thought it was strange that Santana would ask the man she’s been with for years such a “loaded” question.

“That was a dumb question, what is he suppose to say, no 🙄🙄?”

“I hate when people ask loaded questions like that. Of course he’s gonna say Yes. And that STILL might not be the truth.”

“Stupid question, Cyn is corny.. You’re marriage will end soon with that attitude.”

Other people accused Budden of still being in love with ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose.

“Bulls**t. He loved tf outta Tahiry 😆.”

“Lol nooooo his be relationship was with Tahiy!! Cyn just a back up!! & u wana know how I know that’s true?? Bcuz if Joe really thought Cyn was his best he wouldn’t of hesitiated like that!! He would’ve said it right away😎!! #bodylanguagealwayssaystruth.”

Santana and Budden have been dating since 2016 and welcomed their baby boy into the world in 2017. Rumors have been flying that the two may be engaged, but the pair has yet to confirm or deny the gossip.

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