Fans Clown Joe Budden Over Being Too ‘Tired’ for Girlfriend Cyn Santana Since Birth of Their Son

Another trailer of “Love and Hip Hop: New York” aired on Monday night, and Joe Budden‘s storyline with his girlfriend Cyn Santana has fans straight flaming the rapper.

Budden and Santana began dating in 2016, and the two welcomed their beautiful baby boy Lexington together in 2017. The couple have since been a hot item, but it appears that everything isn’t quite hunky-dory in their relationship.

Cyn Santana

(photo credit: Cyn’s Instagram)

In a recent clip, the 26-year-old Santana said Budden wasn’t fulfilling her sexual needs. Budden, on the other hand, expressed how “tired” he was from working long hours and wasn’t feeling the desire to get his freak on. During the snippet, Santana suggested that she and her boo get a room for the night to “do some things,” but Budden objected to her request. Things quickly went left after the model jumped out of the car and screamed “senior citizen–a** d**k!” to the 38-year-old Budden as she continued walking away.

Fans were in stitches after watching the trailer and began roasting Budden for not satisfying his girlfriend’s sexual desires.

“😩She knew he was old🤣 .”

“@joebudden Lol u retired alright lol.”

“Whoa! His man hood went 👇😂.”

“That’s cause he’s GAY!”

“Eww I don’t know why she got with joe budden so disappointing.”

“Damn he ain’t giving her no d**k 😳😳😳😳 he trippin trippin lol.”

“Not interested in sex….said no man! 🤣 At no age. Aren’t they horny for like…forever?!? And he isn’t old…although he may need to get his blood pressure checked. Sounds like health issues to me….🤔.”

“This is what happens when you fuck with a young girls lol she only like 25 joe is old and worn out lol he was a hoe & now ironically hes tired of fucking lmaoo #epic 😭.”

Earlier this month, Budden and Santana were spotted out heading to Remy Ma’s baby shower while sporting matching Black and red outfits. Santana wrote, “Mom and Dad stepped out. We ain’t even plan this, just how we go feel me ✨.”

Check out a snippet of Budden and Santana’s argument:

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