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‘He’s a Boy!’ Kandi Burruss Dragged for Allowing Hairstylist to Style Son’s Hair ‘Like a Girl’

Kandi Burruss inadvertently stirred a debate among fans over the way her 2-year-old son’s hair was styled after he got it braided.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star uploaded a video to her Instagram page Saturday, Dec. 1 showing Ace Wells Tucker getting his little afro styled into some cornrows by international stylist Jodie Rowlands.

“Thank you @sewjodie!” Burruss captioned the quick clip. “@acewellstucker has so much hair but I can’t braid that well.”

Fans shared mixed responses to the tot’s new ‘do and specifically took issue with how his edges — or baby hairs — were slicked and combed down into a style.

“Nice… but the edges should not be laid they should be naturally braided in with the hair or left alone. He’s a boy, not a girl.”

“He don’t need his edges done wtf lol.”

“When did boys start getting their edges laid. LOL Kandi I’m sure you can braid better than her.”

“No baby hair needed. He’s adorable.”

“It looks like a girl.”

“The edges are a bit much for a little boy.”

Some defended the sleek styling, however.

“Y’all are so dumb! Slicking edges down like that is so much better than lining it up with some clippers. That’s what’s messing up the hairline. @kandi you did the right thing, they just mad theirs don’t come out like that.”

“I love his hair and nothing is wrong with it. It look so handsome with his braids. People shouldn’t talk if they don’t have anything positive to say.”

“So y’all don’t see she created the illusion of a shape up? I hate people.”

“Handsome edges and all its just baby hair it won’t stay slick forever geesh.”

“He is so cute…maybe she didn’t know about boys not getting their edges laid… we all make mistakes… don’t nail her to the cross… she is a good Mom.🙏🙏❤️”

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