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Meghan McCain Name-Checks Obama In Inhumane Treatment of Immigrants, Viewers Give Her a Piece of Their Mind

*Meghan McCain To ‘View’ Co-Hosts on Obama Era’s Tear-Gassing of Migrants: ‘You Should’ve Been Infuriated Then’

*Meghan McCain Name-Checks Obama for His Tear-Gassing of Immigrants: ‘You Should’ve Been Infuriated Then’

*Meghan McCain Name-Checks Obama for Brutal Treatment of Immigrants: ‘You Should’ve Been Infuriated Then’

In a heated discussion over tear gas being used by U.S. authorities on asylum-seekers, “The View” host Megan McCain said former president Barack Obama was also guilty inhumane treatment against immigrants.

President Trump and his administration sparked controversy and outrage after parents and small children standing at the Mexican border on Sunday, Nov. 25 were photographed choking from tear gas. The Trump administration ordered apparently excessive force to be used on immigrants seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico barrier, and the president himself has been met with widespread media criticism.

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain argued Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” phrase was effective during the campaign. (The View / video screenshot)

During a panel discussion on Wednesday, “The View” co-hosts discussed an article in the conservative magazine National Review, which blasted the media for its coverage of the Obama administration. Writer David French claimed that the former president didn’t receive nearly as much backlash as Trump for also using tear gas at the border during his administration.

“The last I checked President Obama is no longer in office,” co-host Sunny Hostin chimed in. “President Trump is in office, and he’s destroying the country. This ‘but Obama’ defense doesn’t work for me.”

McCain challenged Hostin by saying she was disappointed by her colleague’s ability to say she didn’t care what happened to immigrants during Obama’s presidency.

“The [media] coverage didn’t even mention that his has been going since 2012. … If you’re infuriated now, you should have been infuriated then — that’s all I’m saying.”

Co-host Abby Huntsman sided with McCain and said, “Let’s point out the hypocrisy. … It’s kind of hard to yell what’s going until you’re in their shoes.”

McCain added, “The other thing I want to say is that I come on here a lot and concede when Republicans are making mistakes. I did it yesterday, the woman who became senator in Mississippi, I did it about Hillary Clinton. It would be nice if my friends on the left conceded when they were wrong.”

The 34-year-old told folks if they were going to criticize Trump for treating immigrants inhumanely than they should also scold Obama also.

People online had strong reactions to McCain’s viewpoint.

One Twitter user wrote, “They mad because @MeghanMcCain called out the hypocrisy of turning a blind eye in one aspect and become completely unhinged in regards to President Trump.”

One person who objected McCain’s stance tweeted, “Cheers to @sunny for calling out the [whataboutism] that @MeghanMcCain and sadly @HuntsmanAbby used to justify Trump’s actions while Joy and Whoopi add that we don’t approve of Obama or anyone using tear gas although there is no proof that Obama used it on children.”

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