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T.I. and Tiny Express Affection on Instagram, Fans Cheer on Their Love

T.I. and Tiny Harris were being a bit flirtatious on Instagram, and fans were absolutely here for it.


On Wednesday, T.I. shared a photo of him wearing a white letterman jacket from his clothing line “Akoo Clothing.” In his caption he wrote, “@jasongeter Idk What we paying models for???🤷🏽‍♂️ I’m selling hell out dis shit my boi!!!! ❄️💧💦🌊 @akooclothing.”

Many fans loved the jacket on the rapper, but the one commenter’s opinion that matters the most was his wife, Tiny. She commented, “Lmao u definitely are 😻🔥.” T.I. responded, “🕺🏾😉💙”

The fans adored the couple showing affection toward each other on social media.

“@majorgirl you are so lucky you have his heart”

“@majorgirl I love that you still lust after your man”

“aww! yall make me sick! I love it! #blacklove”

“absolutely love when yall are on one accord @troubleman31… Keep pushing through as a unit. We definitely see yall!”

“yall are beautiful”

“yall are so dope!! yaasssss”

“get a room you two!”

The couple certainly seem to be on good terms. T.I. was overseas in South Africa filming for a new movie, “Monster Hunter,” last month, and Tiny came to visit him. Although it was speculated that she did a pop-up trip to see if he was cheating, sources told Celebrity Insider that that was not the case. “Popping up on him when he isn’t expecting her is a great way to check up on him, but this isn’t about her being worried that he’s cheating, her motivation for this surprise is all about family. She knows Tip is missing the kids like crazy, and she wants to fix that.”

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