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‘Some Motherf—– Tried It:’ Samuel L. Jackson Calls Donald Trump a ‘Hemorrhoid,’ Gets Investigated

It looks like Samuel L. Jackson angered someone over his criticism of Donald Trump. But that person just didn’t send the veteran actor an angry comment, he or she reported him to Twitter.

All of this is known because Jackson shared the news himself on his Twitter page, and before he responded to the complaint he posted it for his followers to read.

Samuel L. Jackson responded after someone complained to Twitter about a Donald Trump tweet he sent


“We have received a complaint regarding your account @SamuelLJackson for the following content,” the letter stated.

And then Jackson’s tweet was referenced.

“‘Why is that hemorrhoid threatening to shut down the government over a wall budget?'” he wrote. “‘What happened to ‘and Mexico is gonna pay for it?’ #ineverssaidthat#yesthefuckyoudidmotherf—–.'”

Jackson’s response?

He wrote the word “Haha” several times, before adding “some motherf—– tried it.”

Afterwards, many reacted to Jackson’s message and seemed to be entertained by his tweet to Trump, plus, how he handled the complaint.

“I bet a hemorrhoid reported this,” someone wrote. “They’re part of the Make Hemorrhoids Great Again movement. The movement no one wants.”

“Help me understand this Twitter. You allow Donald to say anything, yet you investigate Samuel Jackson?” another person asked. “Well, now we know when Donald posts we can complain and you’ll investigate.”

A lot of people also said Jackson’s response reminds them of the movie characters he plays when he’s barked at someone, like, Jules Winnifield in “Pulp Fiction” or Neville Flynn in “Snakes On A Plane.”

From here, it’s safe to say that Jackson’s fans will be checking to see if he’ll stop blasting Trump because of the investigation or criticize him even more.

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