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Fans Sound Off on Wendy Williams’ Report That Chris Brown and Rihanna Are Still In Touch

Wendy Williams just dropped a bomb about the state of Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship. Apparently, it’s not entirely unwelcome for Brown to drop comments on RiRi’s Instagram page as the talk show host alleges the former flames are still in contact with one another.

Williams said so on “The Wendy Williams Show” Wendesday, Nov. 28, which resulted in an audible response from the studio audience.

After recounting the couple’s infamous spat following a pre-Grammy Awards party that left Rihanna battered and bruised in 2009, Williams dished more details on a new report.

“According to Us Weekly, they speak all the time,” the host explains. “They speak all the time, she’s aware that the friendship could cause concern but she can handle herself.

“You know what? I don’t mind it,” Williams says giving her own opinion. “There are people that can’t go back and be friends with their exes after they damage their face and could’ve — first of all, she recovered wonderfully. … I think that she can handle it because … I think that  Rihanna is grown now … in so many ways — like business, the way she conducts her personal life. I don’t know that she’s still with the Saudi man … But, no, she’s not gonna be with Chris Brown. I don’t think they should date, but they talk a lot and I think that she can handle it. Plus, he’s grown up a lot.”

Williams added that while fans are upset about the rumor, she likes the idea of the singers being friends.

“This is a tough business, you kno?” she adds. “And you need a good friend.”

In response to Williams’ report, fans have been weighing in.

“Alexa play Nobody’s Business by Rihanna feat. Chris brown 😳.”

“It was almost 10 years ago, he was still a teenager. I would be more concerned about a Mayweather, but we gave him a multi million dollar pay day.”

“They grown…AND RICH they can do whatever they want. No one has to like it except them. More power to them.”

“What’s Rihanna trying to prove?”

“Rihanna a fool is she still cares about him.”

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