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Boris Kodjoe Sets the Internet Ablaze When He Encourages Followers to Tag Someone They Know with Thinning Hair: ‘Let It Go’

Boris Kodjoe is reflecting fondly on the days when he had a full head of hair. The former daytime soap opera star shared a flashback photo on Instagram as well as a lengthy call to action to those still clinging onto their thinning hairlines.

“Yep…go ahead, you can say it. Scream if you want to….I had HAIR!!!! 🕺🏾😊👍🏽Granted it was a long time ago and it left me for good right around the time I became a father,” Kodjoe said on Instagram Wednesday, Nov. 28. “But I fought for it, pretended it was still there even though my hairline receded faster than I could color it in with #mascara or other USELESS anti-balding remedies. #Sharpie #OnlyForMen #HairFibers #FillInPowder #Serum yes, I did it all!! And was convinced no one would notice…BUT THEY ALL KNOW YOU’RE DOING IT….EVERYONE KNOWS!!!!
And in the end… I cried 😫😢….and learned to say goodbye. And eventually I embraced my #BaldNsexy. 😉😁

“Tag SOMEBODY YOU LOVE and who needs to LET IT GO!!!! 😉😁 #HairDontCare #LEDDIGOOOOO 😁👏🏾🕺🏾,” he added.

boris kodjoe


A quick search of the phrase “Boris Kodjoe hair” reveals several photos of the “Station 19” actor with various stages of hair loss — including one photo where he apparently tried to mitigate his hair loss with a spray of some sort.

So while he’s publicly battled with trying to bypass baling, he wants other men to avoid doing the same.

His PSA was heard loud and clear and fans did as they were told and answered Kodjoe’s call.

“Sorry baby @kuskusdajuiceman see is not that bad it only gets I think is a Ghanian thing😉😉😉😉”

“Check this @fahad_fuad.”

“@its_a_hobby_photography let it go 😂”

Others praised the star’s old full head of hair, while some adored his current bald look.

“You had hair at one time? Shock👀”

“Had the perfect hightop FRESH.”

“You’re a handsome man either way.”

“You were meant to be bald! I prefer it on you by far! 🙌🏾✨❤️👏🏽😍🔥”

“😅who would have thought…but your bold head suits you.”

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