Princess Love Presents Photo Proof that Baby Melody Most Closely Resembles Her Mom and Dad

Many fans compare Melody Norwood to her aunty Brandy Norwood and her paternal grandma Sonja Norwood, but Princess Love is setting the record straight that Melody looks like her parents. On Saturday, Love shared a photo collage of baby Mels and baby pictures of both her and Ray J.

Melody Norwood

In her caption she wrote, “Mel’s parents in the left ❤️ #PerfectCombo.”

The fans definitely agree that the infant looks like her parents.

“She looks just like her papi😩😍. Also I hope you don’t take this wrong… you and Ray kinda look similar…😍😍”

“Idk she looks like both of you. All I know is she’s beautiful.”

“How did u give birth to you🤔”

“She looks like them both ❤️”

Some fans even think that Melody makes her and Ray J look alike.

“She look like both but then again you and ray look alike”

“You and Ray J are twins”

“She make yall look alike”

In September, Ray J shared a photo of himself and his daughter on Instagram. Fans couldn’t decide which family member Melody favors more. Some fans said she looks like her mother, saying “To cute… She looks just like her beautiful mommy 😍😍😍.” Others commented that she looks like Ray J— “that baby looks just like ray j. sooooo adorable” —while still others thought she resembled Sonja: “Omg she so very adorable pretty look just like your mom Ray.”


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