Fans Have Mixed Reactions to Old Video of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Saying He’s Insulted if a Woman Approaches Him Without a ‘Big Booty’

An old clip that stars ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is just now getting a lot of attention.

The video shows the outspoken anchor talking about his penchant for a woman with a large derriere and how one ex was so perfect in that way, he was willing to forget about a big fight they had.

Stephen A. Smith says he's insulted if he's approached by a woman who doesn't have a big booty


“Me personally, I’m a booty, leg and hip man to the core,” said a younger looking Smith. “You don’t have that it’s insulting you even approached me, okay? I had a girl who was stacked, [Kim] Kardashian, J. Lo, Beyoncé type stacked.” And we were getting into an argument a few years ago and she was living in Chicago and it was Thanksgiving. I was about to send her behind back. She ticked me off that much.”

But once Smith got a glimpse of his lady friend from afar, his anger turned to lust and she instantly became the perfect woman for him.

“She had on a lingerie and I was on the other side of the room. Then she got up and turned and walked away. Her body was in the bedroom, but the booty was sticking outside of it. I saw that, it’s 10 o’clock in the morning, I walked up to her and said, ‘It’s really not that important what we were arguing about.’ Because I knew — because we were going to go out to the family and all this stuff — by the end of that night I wanted that.”

Now it’s not clear why but a lot of folks, seemingly men in particular, have recently taken to the clip and for the most part they found it entertaining.

“This is probably the most honest thing on the Internet ever,” someone wrote.

“This is why Stephen A. Smith is a legend,” wrote another.

But there were some who didn’t like the video, said its sexist and posted various memes to express that opinion.

“Are we still allowed to think this? Or does this make us misogynist?”


You can see what Smith had to say below.

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