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James Harden Reportedly Upset Drake Brought His Ex-Girlfriend an Expensive Gift

Drake is reportedly dating The Houston Rockets’ James Harden‘s ex, plus, he brought her a pricey gift and Harden is upset about it.

According to Sports Gossip, the hoop star was dating a woman named Nicole but split with her over the summer.

Then afterward, Drake was spotted in a photo with that woman, and they were both sporting matching watches and big smiles on their faces. The “God’s Plan” rapper supposedly purchased Nicole’s watch and some thought Harden responded on Instagram.

James Harden may be upset that Drake bought his ex-girlfriend an expensive watch


But he didn’t mention Drake, Nicole or the watches, he just posted a confused face emoji, which some thought was a response.

Not too long ago, rumors flew that Harden was serious about Nicole, and she’s the only woman he’s brought around his mother and sister. He also purchased a few expensive gifts for her, including Cartier jewelry.

The bearded point-guard also brought Nicole to Las Vegas with him, where they took in a Meek Mill concert together, so some might say it’s possible he didn’t like the watch photo.

As of now, it’s not clear why Harden and Nicole parted ways. It might have to do with the hoop star meeting another woman, Arabmoneyy, who’s he’s been recently tied to.

In fact, Arabmoneyy was seen at a Houston Rockets’ game, but Harden hasn’t confirmed whether they’re dating or not.

And Drake has kept silent as well, which isn’t surprising since he rarely goes into his personal life outside of a song. Plus, besides that photo, there’s nothing linking the Canadian rhymer and Nicole together.

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