Fans Clown Shamari DeVoe for Saying That Blaque Is Up There with Kandi Burruss’ Xscape

Shamari DeVoe made her debut on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on Sunday and she’ll likely be ruffling more than a few feathers all season long.

DeVoe, whose married to Ronnie DeVoe of Bell Biv DeVoe, already started to do so when she introduced herself to viewers and she touted the success of her trio Blaque.

“I am a member of R&B, platinum-selling Blaque,” she said in a confessional scene, noting the ’90s group was discovered by late TLC member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. “We are still on the map, right along with Xscape and BBD and everybody else!”

The comment caught viewers off-guard as they thought Kandi Burruss’ group, Xscape, far surpassed Blaque in terms of current success.

“Shamari has an inflated idea of Blaque’s place in the world of R&B girl groups. Bless her heart. #RHOA.”

“Hold up did Shamari Devoe just put her group, BLAQUE, on the same ‘map’ as #XSCAPE & #BBD?..she musta confused herself with Ronnie & his group #NewEdition lol #RHOA.”

“Shamari, be realistic…… NOBODY is checking for any Blaque music #RHOA.”

“Listen I LOVE blaque but I know Shamari not bout to act like they’re legendary on this show #RHOA.”

“Blaque You Cant Compare Xscape .. Xscape Got HITS !! #RHOA.”

Later in the episode, Shamari acknowledged the trials and tribulations Blaque has faced with getting dropped by their label after they released two albums.

“But had I given up singing, my younger self would have been like, ‘B—-, look. You need to get back into what you know your true talent is,’ which is singing,” she said.

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