Wendy Williams Slammed for Trying to Convince People to Call Trump ‘President’ and Not ‘Mr.’

As Wendy Williams discussed the A&E docuseries “The Clinton Affair,” she made time to address a gripe she has with the treatment of President Donald Trump.

Williams chatted about the first episode of the show which follows former President Bill Clinton’s affair with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky but paused to make a public service announcement of sorts.

“Whether you like Donald Trump or not, I get tired of people calling presidents ‘Mr.’ He’s not Mr. Trump, he’s President Trump. And you show it through your nastiness, newscasters, when you do that. You might not agree with him, but he’s President Trump.”

Viewers quickly went in on Wendy’s complaint.

“And yet you say nothing to trump about getting on his job. the hypocrisy of it all. And for the record, newscasters have been using Mr. Forever. You had no problem with them referring to President Obama as just Obama. The hypocrisy of it all.”

“Nah, he’s Trump, I’m not even putting a mister in front of it. He has to EARN RESPECT & he hasn’t done such by the way he behaves.”

“Idgaf how ‘not classy’ I sound, I will NEVER refer a racist, sexist, sociopathic, child raping, lying, orange, pig as MY president! Far as I’m concerned, we haven’t had a real president in office for 2 years now!”

“Wendy’s been trying to make us call that man President since November 9th 2016. Just because you voted for that bloated orange mess doesn’t mean we have to agree with you Wendy! You two can sit together in your corner.”

“@Klgray7373 I totally agree I just say ‘number 45’ when I speak about him.”

“Dede Elliott 45 is the best he gets from me. He disgraced The Oval. Therefore I can’t ever respect him. I refrain from calling him names but ONLY out of respect for the position. Issa no from me Wen about calling him Potus Trump.”


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