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Baby Reign Rushing Shades Her Mommy Toya Wright in the Cutest Way

Baby Reign Rushing recently was showing off her speaking skills and said her big sister Reginae Carter‘s first name but not her mom Toya Wright’s. On Wednesday, Wright shared a photo of baby Reigny saying Carter’s nickname “Nae Nae.” Then Wright asked the infant to say “mama” and the baby refused to say it. In her caption she wrote, “She love her big sister… she say Nae Nae all day but won’t say Mama.😩”

The fans flooded the comments adoring baby Reign.

“I totally understand …My 1yr old is the same way”

“I 💗 Reign, I watched this video a dozen times, made my day!!!😊”

“Awwwwwwww too cuteeee!”

“Awww……She is too #cute!💕💕💕”

“Where does the time go??!! Talkin already.”

“😍😍❤️ Oh my gosh she’s too adorable. Beautiful. Saying nae nae”

Rushing being able to say her big sister’s name doesn’t come as a surprise. Carter and her baby sister usually have the cutest sister moments. Back in August, the reality star and her little sissy were hanging out at home together. Carter is seen in a video on Instagram kissing on and playing with Rushing. In caption of the video Wright shared she said, “Moments like these make my heart smile. ❤️🤗…I love their Bond. #sisterlylove #family #mygirls💕.”


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