Porsha Williams Blindsided By Kandi Burruss’ Comments About Fiancé: ‘I Didn’t Really Know This Was Coming’

Kandi Burruss dished all the dirt on Porsha Williams’ fiancé on Sunday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and the pregnant star was blindsided by it all.

During the last scene of the Nov. 18 episode, Burruss met with a pal and learned that Dennis McKinley is known for treating his girlfriends to lavish meals and showing his love for them in permanent ways.

“He falls pretty quickly and he tattoos people’s names on him,” Burruss said to Jami, who fell out with Williams after previously working for her. “I know somebody he got his tattoo of. I think he got her face and her name.”

At the same time, a giddy Williams shared that McKinley tatted her name on his leg and planned to get her face inked on his back.

When asked about Burruss digging up dirt on her man during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” on Nov. 18, Williams said she was taken aback.

“I just thought that Kandi came off hateful and miserable,” she says. “I didn’t really know that this was even coming. Mind you, we were cool talking on the phone and then she turned around and pulled up my ex-assistant like Phaedra did with her ex-assistant.”

On the after show, Williams claimed Burruss was “a little bit obsessed” with her relationship.

Fans responded both in support of and in opposition to the mom-to-be.

“I love porsha I think Kandi is mad cause she couldn’t get porsha hello Kitty.”

“I’m glad she finally said it because it’s the truth. Kandi need to find her something to do.”

“Now Porsha want to act all prim and proper now that Kandi got dish on her.”

“Kandi is not obsessed with Porsha. If that was the case the sex DUNGEON would’ve been wide open!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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