Jill Scott Calls Out the ‘Simple Minded,’ Responds To Trey Songz’s New Tune About Her Racy Microphone Video

When a clip of Jill Scott simulating oral sex on a microphone went viral last week, she said a lot of people sent her direct messages, both famous and non-famous people alike.

But she probably didn’t expect anyone to make a song about the video, but that’s exactly what Trey Songz did with is cut “Jill (Sumn Real).” He also used a screenshot of the much talked about clip for the artwork and sampled Scott’s voice on her 2000 song “He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat).”

Jill Scott Responds to Trey Songz's cut "Sumn Real"


In regards to the lyrics, “Jill (Sumn Real)” is pretty much a love song mixed with an edgy hip-hop approach, and Trey waits until the end to mention Scott’s racy clip.

“When you touch me, I just can’t control it / When you touch me, I just can’t hold it / The emotion inside of me, I can feel it / Gimme sumn real, baby, do it like Jill / Know you got the real, give me sumn real, give me that Jill, do it like Jill,” sings Trey.

As soon as it was released, the song got a lot of attention and eventually a response from Scott, who liked it. But at the same time, she seemed tired of all the talk still surrounding the clip.

“In the midst of simple minded affection starved foolishness, this song is actually quite beautiful,” she wrote.

A lot of Scott’s fans liked the song as well.

“Loved it. He got my approval too,” someone wrote.

“She ain’t lying the song is fire,” another person tweeted.

Trey hasn’t responded to Scott as of yet, but you can listen to his song below.

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