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Erica Mena Hits Below the Belt After Bow Threatens To Leak Sex Tape

It’s been a while but Bow Wow and Erica Mena are going at it again.

The two were engaged for a brief time a couple of years ago and had a nasty split, which someone reminded Erica about. She then insulted Bow Wow, who responded and claimed she slept with a bunch of men.

Erica Mena Responds To Bow Wow Threatening To Leak Sex Tape


“Can y’all forget I ever dealt with him please,” she wrote.

“Nope,” Bow Wow replied. “Just like we won’t forget them 500 bodies.”

“You mean the 500 bodies you stayed eating between my legs standing up, that help you grow your little whiskers?” Erica shot back.

If things would’ve ended there, one could’ve easily called the back-and-forth a draw, but Bow kept it going and threatened to release a sex tape. He also accused the “Love & Hip-Hop” star of being on drugs.

“It’s been two years and you still on my wood. Relax,” wrote Bow. “Stay off the coke. You don’t want this. I kicked you out and called Uhaul to haul your sh– out the L.A. crib. Stop playing with me. 2019 ain’t no chill for the chicks no more.”

“Erica, you don’t wanna do it,” he added. “Trust me, I got you on tape. You know I’m petty. I keep everything. Don’t make me leak the tape.”

But the threat didn’t seem to scare Erica and she claimed to have contacted famed attorney Lisa Bloom, who recently represented Teairra Marí after 50 Cent posted a racy photo of her.

“Lisa Bloom [is] already on my line,” she wrote. “But this little girl has nothing on me … So let’s go. I’m ready to ruin you anytime you ready.”

As of now, Bow hasn’t responded to the legal threat, so it’s possible Erica scared him off.

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