Mendecees Harris Calms Wife Yandy Smith as She Suffers Severe Anxiety on Her Way to Speak with Inmates

Love and Hip Hop” star Yandy Smith was on her way to visit DC Jail Correctional Treatment Facility in Washington on Thursday when she began experiencing major anxiety.

Smith was scheduled to appear at DC Department of Corrections along with Nick Cannon, Tamika Mallory and a few others on Nov. 15 to speak with the inmates and Howard University students. However, the reality star experienced a few mishaps on the way, including a late flight that caused her to be three hours late.

The mother of three recorded a chain of videos on her Instagram Story, detailing the events that led up to her delayed appearance to the correctional facility. She noted she was experiencing an overwhelming amount of anxiety while on her way to Washington and shared a screenshot of an overwrought message she sent to her husband, Mendecees Harris.

“Please pray for me. Having a lot of anxiety and feeling very overwhelmed,” Smith wrote to her hubby on Thursday. “Please go in your war room for me. Please. Feel like I cant do it all. It’s too much.”

Harris responded back to his wife with a few words of encouragement saying that she was “strong, competent, beautiful and smart.”

Just a few hours before Smith began feeling extremely overwhelmed she shared a post on Instagram around 5 a.m. discussing the hardships of being a “parent doing things on her own.”

“The struggle is too real!” She wrote. “Everyday I’ve worked late with just enough time to cook dinner and put the kids to sleep, then with basketball, piano lessons and shooting I’ve had no time to do anything at all. 🤦🏾‍♀️. Instead of breaking down crying from not being able to do it all. I’m just going to pray … But IM STRUGGLING!!!!!! Pray for me.”

Fans offered a few words of advice for the mother of three and told her to “take a deep breath.”

“Take a deep breath, Yandy, and if things get too overwhelming, please seek professional help. 🙏💯We’re praying for you!”

“Baby girl as moms we may struggle but i know you are strong and ill keep you in my prayers ❤️.”

“Anxiety is no joke… It takes you down fast!! I will pray for you because I have it too💖😍🙏🏻 but remember that YOU have it, it don’t have YOU!! God is in control!”

“You got this Queen🙏🏽👑!! You stay strong, put God first stay focus.”

Smith eventually made it the prison around 3 p.m. according to her Instagram story. She received a lot of love from the inmates and even posted photos of herself in an extremely emotional state. She wrote, “made it. Late. But i made it. Needed them more than they needed me. Got to let it out. Off to my flight back✈️ #oneofthosedays.”


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