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Porsha Williams’ Fiancé Accused of Selling ‘Faulty Merchandise’  In New Lawsuit

More of Porsha Williams’ fiancé’s past litigation has come to light

Reportedly, Dennis McKinley has been accused of selling defective goods to a client who sought to purchase hair extensions from his business, Queen Virgin Remy. Radar Online obtained court filings over the matter in a Friday, Nov. 16 report. It reveals Kimberly Garlick pointed the finger at McKinley for “selling faulty merchandise” valued at $400 and “refusing to mediate” in a June 2014 case.

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By August of that year, McKinley, who is currently expecting his first child with his “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” fiancée denied all allegations and filed a motion to have the case dismissed.

“Plaintiff Kimberly Garlick improperly filed an action against Defendant,” the motion states. “Defendant denies all of Plaintiff’s allegations. Specifically, Plaintiff alleges that Defendant sold faulty merchandise and refused to mediate.”

According to McKinley, Garlick has never had any interactions with him to buy weave. He noted the plaintiff “falsely indicated that she has an account with Defendant.”

“There is no legitimate basis under the facts of this case to substantiate a claim upon which relief may be granted,” the documents went on. “Defendant has never sold any merchandise to Plaintiff nor has had any dealings with Plaintiff, and therefore is an improperly named party to the lawsuit.”

Garlick later requested that the suit is dismissed with prejudice in August 2014.

This new report comes a little over a month after another legal issue with Queen Virgin Remy surfaced.

In May 2015, McKinley sued his ex-girlfriend, Shanise Thomason, alleging “trademark infringement, conversion and other wrongful acts.” He claimed she stole $5,900 worth of merchandise or 67 percent of store inventory in February 2015. Thomason allegedly denied that when authorities were called and claimed she shared ownership of the store. After a later counterclaim amid allegations of Thomason using the Queen Virgin Remy name for her personal branding, McKinley ultimately reached a confidential settlement with his ex in July 2018.

Thomason is never allowed to use Queen Virgin Remy again.

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