‘Nope!’ ‘LHHH’ Lyrica Anderson Doesn’t Get to Slide for Being Messy Because She’s Pregnant


Folks appeared to be fed up with Lyrica Anderson‘s shady actions during the “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” reunion and fans aren’t letting the mother-to-be off the hook quite that easily.

Anderson is eight months pregnant and was getting into several verbal altercations during VH1’s reunion special. The star got into an argument with K. Michelle who first created the rumor that Anderson cheated on her husband A1 Bentley with Safaree Samuels. She also engulfed into a heated argument with her mother-in-law Pamela and Moniece Slaughter who was escorted off stage.

Lyrica Anderson
(photo credit: Lyrica A.’s Vh1 screenshot)

Anderson was furious at Slaughter for calling she and husband’s marriage fake on camera. Slaughter who continued to spew verbal jabs at the pregnant “Adia” singer was called out by her co-star RoccStar who told Slaughter to “stop picking on a pregnant woman.”

Slaughter responded, “If you’re gonna get pregnant then shut your f**ing face and don’t talk s**t.”

People seemed to agree with Slaughter and said just because Anderson is pregnant, doesn’t mean she was immune from cast-members clapping back at her.

“No passes. If Lyrica doesn’t care that she’s pregnant why should anyone else 🤦🏽‍♀️. Alot of women use their pregnancy as an excuse THINKING that people are going to turn the other cheek. No ma’am, no ham, no Turkey. ”

“No lyrica needs no passes. She can talk mess so she can also receive it.”

“Get pass my rass..since when you can’t argue with somebody cause you pregnant..people fight when they are pregnant..she not special🤷🏽‍♀️.”

“F**k that pregnant shit I was fighting @8mo came out without a scratch and besides she’s not even on set so it’s nothing physical geesh.”

“Nope. No pass at all. Her mouth isn’t pregnant.”

“Cause she pregnant she cN talk s**t? Girl please f**k lyrica. U get what u give. 🖕.”

One “LHHH” fan wrote, “Just cuz you prego dont mean you can still act a fool. Lyrica was a foolish mess this season. Idk who she was tryna be…but im not feeling it.”

Watch Anderson and Slaughter’s explosive confrontation:

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