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‘You Should be Ashamed:’ Folks Trash Phaedra Parks for Wearing Skimpy Swimsuit

Phaedra Parks has firmly moved on from her days on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and has since landed a modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models. But when she flexed those skills in a recent Instagram post, haters took aim.

The Atlanta attorney posted a couple of sexy shots to her account on the photo-sharing social media site in the wee hours of Nov. 15.

“#Miami #midnight #madness 💦#Scorpio #season 🦂,” the star, who celebrated her 45th birthday on Oct. 26, said in the caption of one of her pics. She posed in Bal Harbour, Fla., in a sexy, leopard-print, one-piece cutout swimsuit.

Phaedra Parks


Several fans were wowed by the photo.

“@phaedraparks SHOW OUT MRS.PARKS 🥰”


“Yes ma’am you’re serving us body!❤️”

“Came Through Dripping 💦💦💦”

“Whew girl my edges! I wanna be like you when I grow up 🗣”

“Yeah I see You Selling Dreams Out here Be careful Lil Phaedra I’ll Tear Your Lil Scorpio Ass Apart💯 #REALSAGITTARIUS😘😘”

But some spewed criticism.


“U always look like such a hood rat. Class it up. You look like trash. Believe it or not promoting yourself as a cheap skank on the internet isn’t going to find you happiness or the validation you are seeking. The likes you get are not going to be pure. This is NOT a good look for you.”

“REALLY PHAEDRA? You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“@phaedraparks you look absolutely stunning, but in my opinion, as a woman of God you should be more modest.”

“Born-again Christian what are you promoting? You can’t be serious !!🙄”

“Trying to hard. Go sit down.”

Yet Parks didn’t have to lift a finger to defend herself as fans raced to do that for her.

“@vilper326 you look like trash old hating ass.”

“Tell them b—-es to kiss your ass they on here writing paragraphs of hate they truly bothered 🤣🤣 u look great @phaedraparks.”

“Y’all need to leave her alone.”

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