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Jill Scott Says She’s Been Inundated with DMs After Infamous Mic Video Went Viral, ‘Hey Big Head’

Days after Jill Scott went viral for miming a sex act on a microphone, the singer is explaining how her social media has been impacted and giving some background on her performance antics.

The actress took to Instagram Thursday, Nov. 15 to blast the “idiots” who missed the point of her much-buzzed-about concert clip where she pretended to give fellatio to a microphone.

“Meet and greet? Sure. Anything else? Nope. I didn’t post that old ass snippet. Piss on whoever did!” Scott fired off. “I would’ve, at least, posted that damn point of it all. Trust, there’s always purpose in what I do. My DM’s blowing up and idiots, who’ll NEVER know what I do for the man I ❤️, hollering ‘hey big head’ wasn’t it. It’s Ms. Monsta Mind or Ms Brilliant Brain Jane btw lil menz. Pa Tahhhh!!! 😇🤓💋”

She added on Twitter, “I ain’t mad at all. I’m glowing to work💋Have a fantastic day and get chu some Jill Scott. Makes the day go down a lil easier.”

Jill Scott


Fans of the performer knew what was up.

“I didn’t think you would have to address this more than one day…smh…people crazy….”

“I’ve seen you Live enough times to know it was no stunt, it’s your artistry – pity the fools who are just waking up. And I think I WILL listen to you as I get dressed for the funeral of a not-perfect-man today! #godowneasier.”

“We love you @missjillscott idk what’s wrong with these people lol.”

Scott also explained the background behind the act that set Twitterverse a flame when she called into “The  Joe Budden Podcast” Wednesday, Nov. 14.

“It’s for different purposes each time,” Scott explained on the Spotify-exclusive podcast at the 87-minute mark. “That time was about the things you want to do but you have to save them for the right person. Not everyone can get your A game, you know?”

Scott was also sure to note she expresses lots of feelings and emotions during her shows, not just those of a sexual nature.

“It’s going to be a lot of feels, every show. This is what I do. I tell stories, I sing songs, I play music that invigorates, it sometimes stills people, sometimes I see them crying. Its a range of emotions, you just have to be there,” she said.

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