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Michelle Williams Addresses Argument With Fiancé Asking If She Took Her Meds After Video Goes Viral

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding an argument Michelle Williams had with her fiancé Chad Johnson on their show “Chad Loves Michelle.”

The actual discussion wasn’t filmed, but the Destiny’s Childs singer accused her future husband of not understanding how she communicates because he didn’t grow up around a lot of Black people.

Michelle Williams and Chad Johnson Discuss The Fight They Had About Race and Mental Health


In response, Chad asked Michelle if she took her medicine, which the two discussed with a counselor. Michelle recently opened up about struggling with depression and getting help for it.

After that episode aired, a lot of folks on social media expressed concern over the couple tying the knot and were worried Michelle wouldn’t be able to bring up race without it causing a fight. They also blasted Chad for using her mental health issue as a verbal jab.

But in a new interview on “Frank & Wanda in The Morning,” the singer defended her fiancé and said viewers of their show only saw a portion of their fight, not the whole thing.

“That conversation that we were talking about happened the night before. It was not filmed, so people don’t know what I was saying to Chad,” said Michelle. “Now, I didn’t like when he said that. People also did not play and hear when he apologized. He said, ‘I should have not said that.’”

“I think that’s what irritates us,” she continued. “We are a soundbite generation. We won’t take the time and the work and the effort to actually watch the whole episode. … He apologized and I apologized for cutting. ‘Cause I got my mama in me. I can cut you with my words.”

Michelle was then asked about the comment she made about Chad not understanding Black people or Black women and she said it was more about having bad miscommunication than a disagreement about race.

“I said he took something the wrong way,” she explained. “And I literally just said was it because I’m a Black woman and you don’t understand that sometimes that maybe my elevated voice is out of passion and not anger.”

“I’m so animated that it can wear Black people out,” Michelle continued. “But we did not want to make it a thing about race. … Because he is not the only person that told me my words cut. My friends, my mother have told me the same thing. So it’s not a Black and white thing. It’s literally me just having to like tone it down, not your personality, not who [you are].”

Michelle ended the interview by saying she’s been on her own since the age of 18 and is still learning how to compromise and allow someone to have any kind of say in her life.

You can see the couple discuss the argument below at the 10:07 mark.

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