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‘Please Tay Tay:’ Tamar Braxton Has Fans Begging Her to Stop Messing with Her Face

Tamar Braxton continues to make the rounds performing in Snoop Dogg’s play “Redemption of a Dogg” and some new rehearsal footage has fans once again wondering about some work she may have had done.

Braxton recently filmed herself looking dressed down as she sang her 2015 song “King.” The clip was shared on a “Braxton Family Values” fan Instagram account Friday, Nov. 9, which captioned the video, “Sing @tamarbraxton 💙”

But while some fans were enamored with her voice, others were less than pleased about her appearance.

“What’s wrong with her face look like it was burnt and now swollen My God!!”

“Here we go with the injections 😩”

“@ohreally25 I was literally thinking the same thing! Oh my! If she is, ‘THIS’ is the STOPPING POINT! Please Tay Tay! 👌”

“@Tamar Braxton….pls stop stop the injections…is 2much u re getting 2inches away from looking like lil kim and miss piggy….cant u see it in the mirror Or ur dr. Injecting it sees it but wants ur money.”

“Wtf is up with that nose and cheek fillers🤔 S— look crazy.”

Meanwhile, some stepped in to explain her new look wasn’t because of injections or fillers, but a makeup technique called baking. That entails letting translucent powder sit on the face for five to 10 minutes, allowing the heat from the face to set foundation and concealer, which leads to a flawless finish once the powder is dusted off.

“So, nobody knows how to apply makeup? It’s called ‘baking’….. and sis ain’t got no injections! Then cheekbones have always been there!!”

“Baby yall know nothing about make up, her makeup is baking, its not finished, thats translucent powder under her eyes and on her nose NOT INJECTIONS.”

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Sing @tamarbraxton 💙

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