Trina Slaps Down Haters Who Call Her Old: ‘Lil Auntie Looking B-tch’

It’s been said many times before: Hip-Hop is a young person’s sport. But to prove those people wrong, others can point to older rappers like JAY-Z, 2 Chainz and T.I., who continue to be extremely relevant. 

But even those people, who’ve done so much for hip-hop culture, are still called old sometimes and usually as an insult. In fact, most rappers north of 30 have probably been teased about their age, and ageism is even more prevalent when it comes to female rappers.

Trina Sent a Message to the People Calling Her Old


Just ask Trina who responded to the people who brought up the fact that she’s 43-years-old.

“B–ches always wanna call somebody old,” she wrote on Instagram. “You betta hope yo ‘lil drugged out, sexed out ass live to see 29. ‘Lil auntie looking ass b-tch.”

Trina’s post drew a slew of comments and many agreed that calling someone old is cliché at best and completely uninventive.

“Yes. That’s all I hear now,” one person wrote. “They only want to see [people in their] 20s.”

“@trinarockstarr, they don’t realize that with time comes truth, peace and harmony,” someone else commented. “It’s a blessing to be old, the experiences, hard work is what leads us to growth and wisdom.”

“@trinarockstarrm, honey you’re still looking good and voice and rap game still on point. “Looking better than some of the 25 year olds out there. Shut those haters,” a third person wrote.

There were also people who said since Trina opened doors for so many other female rappers, it was wrong for another woman to insult her.

“There’s no justifying disrespect, Period,” one person wrote. “Diamond Princess paved the way for any and everyone [who] wants to be a female rapper.”

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