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Keke Wyatt’s Ex-Husband Michael Ford Hits Back at Her Claims, Plans to Sue for Defamation of Character

Keke Wyatt has been spilling the beans about Michael Ford walking out on their marriage. Ford released a statement debunking her claims and plans to sue her for defamation of character.

According to TMZ, Ford stated that Wyatt is spinning a web of lies. In a video, Ford said, “It’s funny how she’s using her platform to uplift herself and play the victim role. It’s wrong it’s all a lie.” He added, “The divorce didn’t get filed until February of 2018, that was after our son the was battling cancer was medically cleared in remission.”

Then he spoke about Wyatt’s current marriage to Zachariah Darring. “I just hope and pray that he [Darring] knew a week before they got married she was in court October 9th trying to stay married to me.”

Last week, Wyatt revealed she had remarried and dished on her messy divorce from Ford. She claimed he left her while she was pregnant and while her child was in the hospital. “A 14-year-old child laying in the bed dying that I gave birth to.” She also added that Ford called her an “emotional toxic wreck” during their messy divorce. “No n*gga you are toxic and you are an emotional wreck!,” she retorted. “I was eight months pregnant, and I was hormonal. And I thought I wanted something that wasn’t for me.”

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