Claudia Jordan Catches Heat for Comparing Slavery to Illegal Immigration

Dallas radio host and actress Claudia Jordan is under fire from social media users after she posted a meme comparing enslaved Africans to undocumented people migrating to the U.S. for work.

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star posted the meme on her Instagram page Monday, Nov. 5 from @iamberonig’s account.

“I don’t remember southern states complaining when undocumented workers came over like this,” the meme read, which included a diagram of a packed slave ship.

claudia jordan


“BIG HUGE  FACTS!  Welp! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Please tell me where the lie is tho? #Waiting 🤔 Your retort??” Jordan captioned the post, which was made ahead of Election Day.

Jordan got some backers on her side.

“You ain’t lying sis.”

“Big #FACTS…. the real illegals have forgotten.”

“You’re damn right @claudiajordan.”

“At all…not a peep.”

But others took issue with her making the comparison and promptly poked holes in the meme.

“African slaves were not ‘workers,’ they were slaves. Also, African slaves were well documented and accounted for. They kept thorough records of their slaves. And they came hear involuntarily. Do not compare what African Americans have been through with what these people are doing in 2018.”

“Undocumented workers? Enslaved Black Americans were undocumented workers?! My Black American great grandmother was a slave, and you’re saying that she was a consenting undocumented worker? What in the f— are you talking about? 😐🙄”

“@funkquatic thank you!! For setting it straight. How can anyone with knowledge compare immigration with slavery. People need to read more.”

“This is why we ran you off SOHH, you are not smart.”

“Dumbest IG post of the year.”

“I don’t recall us choosing to come here to work. If we were brought here against our will then we’re not considered undocumented workers 👀👀”

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