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Future Called Out For Disrespecting Women in IG Post: ‘You ‘Gon Cry In This Phantom or Nissan?’

Future has angered a lot of women in a very short period of time.

First after he admitted to fathering Joie Chavis’ unborn child and showed up to the shower with his current girlfriend Brittni Mealy, which a lot of women blasted him for.

Future Called Out For Disrespecting Women In Instagram Post


Now the rapper is being skewered for posting what many consider an extremely chauvinistic Instagram message.

“You gone cry in this phantom or that Nissan?” wrote Future. “She looked up and said Phantom.”

Based on the flood of responses, many believed that Future was saying that he’s definitely going to hurt his partner and his money will serve as compensation. Others thought his message was a response to the backlash he received for taking Mealy to Chavis’ shower.

There was also a group of people who didn’t seem to read that deep into the message, they just thought it’s an example of how some rich men take advantage of their position.

Plus, a lot of women said they would rather take the Nissan instead of putting up with all the hurt and drama to ride in a Phantom.

“I need Future to write a hit anthem on how women can avoid men like him,” one person wrote. “This post is sociopathic. Where is the empathy? No love, respect for any of these women. On God, his daughters will cry the same tears.”

“Future said you gonna cry in this Phantom or that Nissan and I’m just like why the f–k do we have to cry at all,” someone else tweeted.

“Future literally saying he’s trash. But when he makes you cry it’ll be in a Phantom and not a Nissan. This is the leader of trash men brigade,” a third person wrote.

But there were others who didn’t mind Future’s post and they agreed with his reasoning.

“Lmaooo that’s some real sh–,” someone tweeted. “If you put me through some sh– at least you can have me pushing a foreign.”

Those comments were far less than the ones that blasted Future, however and some even brought up his ex Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson.

“Cry with a Future or smile with a Russell,” one person tweeted.

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