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Fans React as City Girls’ Yung Miami Posts Glam Prison Shot of JT: ‘She’s Living Good in Jail’

It’s been four months since City Girls member JT turned herself in to the Federal Detention Center in Miami to begin her sentence for credit card fraud. Since then her voice has been heard on a telephone call, and there’s been some updates about her release date but other than that, she hasn’t been seen by the public.

But that was changed by her partner Yung Miami, who recently shared a screenshot of JT wearing a brown jacket over her prison uniform. She also stuck up her middle fingers in the picture and cracked a slight grin.

It’s not clear how the photo was taken since most prisons don’t permit cellphones, but some facilities allow visits to be recorded by use of an on-premise video phone.

In fact, according to NPR, there’s more than 500 correctional facilities that have some kind of video visitation.

The City Girls' Yung Miami Shares FaceTime Photo of JT


“Free JT,” wrote Miami next to the photo, which received nearly 100,000 likes in 24 hours.

A lot of people also expressed excitement about seeing the imprisoned rapper for the first time, and they echoed Miami’s call to release her. Plus, a number of folks were surprised that JT was able to wear makeup, had fingernail polish and sported a watch.

“LMFAO. She living good in jail,” one person wrote. “Nails done, makeup done and she got a watch. We love it.”

“Well, she’s manicured and slayed. Carry on,” someone else commented.

In regards to JT’s release date, Miami said it’ll be sometime in December, but there’s been no talk of that actually happening since it was announced.

Plus, earlier this month, the duo said their sophomore LP ”Girl Code” will be out on Nov. 16, and they revealed the art work as well. It shows both of them dressed in white lounging on a large bed.

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