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50 Cent Pounces as Floyd Mayweather Cancels Japan Fight: ‘The Money Low’

That was fast.

Just days after Floyd Mayweather announced that he’d be fighting Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa, and 50 Cent clowned him for it, Mayweather called it off.

Floyd Mayweather Gets Clowned By 50 Cent For Cancelling Fight in Japan


On Thursday, the retired boxer took to Instagram and said the fight was never actually made official.

“Now that I am back on U.S. soil after a long and disappointing trip to Tokyo, I now have the time to address you, my fans and the media in regards to the upcoming event on December 31st that was recently announced,” wrote Floyd. “First and foremost, I want it to be clear that I, Floyd Mayweather, never agreed to an official bout with Tenshin Nasukawa. In fact, with all due respect, I have never heard of him until this recent trip to Japan.”

Floyd said he was initially asked to participate in an exhibition fight that was supposed to be in front of a small group of wealthy individuals. They were going to pay each fighter a hefty amount and it was strictly for entertainment purposes. The 41-year-old also said he was told the bout wouldn’t be billed as an official fight, nor televised worldwide.

But when he and his team showed up to the press conference they were blindsided, and Floyd accused One Entertainment’s Brent Johnson of being dishonest.

50, however, doubled down on his claim that Floyd took the fight because he’s broke, and clowned him for the way it was canceled.

“Ok. Cool. They tricked him,” wrote 50. “He fell for it because it’s time to get some money. The money low. The biggest fighter in the world don’t announce a fight without a contract. He did a press conference, now he saying there was no deal. Lol.”

Floyd has yet to respond to 50’s latest diss.

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