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Tyrese Says He Was Kicked Out of Georgia Voting Precinct for Trying to Feed Voters, Hand Out Power Cords

When Tyrese heard there were problems with the electronic voting equipment at Anderson Livsey Elementary School in Snellville, Ga., he tried to do something about it – but wasn’t allowed to.

In fact, the singer and actor posted a video to Instagram and explained just what happened to him.

Tyrese Said He Was Kicked Out of a School When He Tried To Feed Voters


According to Tyrese, he approached a line of voters with boxes of pizza since there were reports that said folks were standing in line for nearly five hours.

He also brought along power cords to help with the electrical issue, but they weren’t taken or used.

Tyrese didn’t say it outright, but he indicated that foul play was at hand and possibly someone was trying to rig the election.

“So I came here to hand out pizzas and as soon as I walked in — I won’t say his race — but he started following me around, telling me I can’t give out pizzas and I can’t pass out this power chord,” he detailed.

“And I said, ‘Where does it say I can’t pass out pizza to people that’s standing in line voting.’ And he said ‘It doesn’t say it anywhere. I’m just telling you what you can’t do.’ So I’m just letting y’all know that it’s real out here,” Tyrese added.

He didn’t indicate whether a school official or a voting volunteer kicked him out, but it was clear that he was perturbed about the whole thing.

There were also a lot of folks who weighed in on the clip and some called the 39-year-old generous for trying to help, others actually tallied the number of pizzas he bought.

“3 boxes?” someone asked.

“He didn’t have to bring anything. Think about that,” another person answered.

You can see Tyrese’s video below.

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