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Steve Harvey Gives Woman Walking Miles to Work Each Day a Brand New Car

Steve Harvey recently outdid himself when it comes to generosity.

The talk show host learned about a North Carolina woman who was so dedicated to making it to her job at Bojangles’ Chicken ‘n’ Biscuits that she’d walk 5-6 miles each day to get there.

Jaylesya Corbett initially caught the attention of Nash County sheriff’s Sgt. Scott Bass when she was walking to work in the rain one morning and he began offering her a ride to her job when he could. Bass told his co-workers in the area to do the same and after a year and a half, he eventually decided to call Walmart to get her two-hour walking commute down to a 30-minute bike ride to the restaurant.

But Corbett never learned how to ride a bike and she’s been trying to master it in order to shorten her commute. And while the news coverage of her viral story has led to a promotion for Corbett, Harvey wanted to do something more.

“On behalf of the show, we’re gonna be giving you $5,000,” he told her on the Oct. 25 airing of “Steve.” “But that’s not all. I reached out to some friends at Capitol Ford in Rocky Mount, North Carolina … They want to make sure that you never have to walk in the rain again. So they’re giving you a brand-new 2018 Ford Fiesta SE!”

Fans applauded the charitable moment online.

“OMG I just put on my make up to get ready to go to work and I have to reapply it because I have been boo-hooing ever since I heard this ladys story. I thank the police officer and Steve Harveys show for helping her get through some hard times!”

“JALESYA GOT A CAR!!!!!!!!! So happy for her! God Bless the officer, Steve, the car company, and her. <3”

“See, This Is What Warms My Heart. Full Of Goodness. Thank You Steve!!!”

“Wow what a beautiful story i have. Tears in my eyes may God bless you all I have seen that police officer have so many people in America well done🙏🙏🙏💙💙💙.”

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