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Head Over Heels: Cynthia Bailey Continues to Fall For Boyfriend Mike Hill, Latest Pic Adds More Proof

Cynthia Bailey has been showing off her stunning glow, and she’s letting her fans know it’s because of her new boo Mike Hill. On Wednesday, Bailey shared a glamour selfie on Instagram. In her caption she wrote, “In the beginning there was light✨
Glam: @boomkackmua @hair4kicks Glow: @itsmikehill.”

Cynthia Bailey

In the comments the fans raved about her beauty.

“Drop dead gorgeous!!”

“oops okk glow!”

“seriously… can totally tell your in love.”

“absolutely fabulously beautiful I love it”

“photo beautiful!”

Bailey and Fox Sports anchor have been dating for less than six months. This is the first relationship this housewife has been in since the divorce from her ex-husband Peter Thomas after six years of marriage.

Hill proclaimed his love for Bailey in an Oct. 19 Instagram post. “It’s a love story, not a storyline!! Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know us or what we stand for.” He continued, “We don’t need that kind of attention. We just want each other. Love YOUR life and find you someone to love. That way you won’t guess about what’s happening over here. By the way, I ain’t mad. I’m So #CHill #LastandOnlyTimeThisWillBeAddressed #positivevibes #LoveIs.”

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