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Fan Trashes Peter Thomas for Still Hanging on to RHOA After Divorce from Cynthia Bailey

Peter Thomas has a bone to pick with the city of Charlotte, N.C. and an Instagram commenter has a bone to pick with him.

Thomas unleashed on Instagram over what he saw as a lack of support for him and others in the community.

“‘Who the f— is Peter Thomas? He’s not even from here. He ain’t from Charlotte,'” Thomas says in the Nov. 6 video mentioning what other people say about him. “I reside in Charlotte … got up this morning to vote in Charlotte. I have two businesses in Charlotte with a third opening soon.

“I’m a man with a strong opinion,” he continues. “When I said ‘It’s like a village,’ I meant that 20 years ago, there was no Uptown … no Ritz-Carlton, don’t care if you guys have a football team and a basketball team … I’m talking about mentality when I use the word ‘village.’ It’s a mentality, OK? Y’all need to get together and support each other and stop worrying about what the f— I’m saying ’cause that’s my opinion.”

But while Thomas was on his rant, one commenter wondered about Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband’s Instagram biography. It still includes RHOA for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” which he appeared on when he was still married to the model.

“Why does your bio still say real housewives of Atlanta y’all are divorced and your standing on your own?”

“@njmadmom You worried about the wrong thing. Same exact thing this man has been talking about. This man is talking about the progress he’s making in the city and all you can comment about is his bio? Smh.,” another user shot back.

Others backed up Thomas’ sentiments.

“😂😂😂 I can not with you Peter😂😂 you are the truth 😂😂it is what it is darlin. You are the best cusser!😂”

“Talk about it Peter talk about it👍”

“Peter u always talk fact’s n that’s what sum ppl don’t like dam how cythia let all that go a handsome black man.”

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