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A$AP Rocky Gets Severely Clowned For Wearing Grandmother Styled Gucci Head Scarf

As some may already know, the line between being fashion forward and getting clowned for looking ridiculous is incredibly thin. It’s something that A$AP Rocky probably figured out after he got roasted for wearing a Gucci scarf that looked grandmother like.

The rapper sported the satin scarf on Saturday (Nov. 3) at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Film Gala, and he paired it with a long satin Gucci jacket, a Gucci Tuxedo and slippers made by who else? Gucci of course.

A$AP Rocky Gets Clowned For Wearing Gucci Head Scarf


Rocky also modeled the snazzy outfit in front of paparazzi and later explained why he broke out the vintage ‘60s scarf. “I just wanted to show off my babushka today, honestly,” he said.

The scarf costs $495, according to Gucci’s website but no matter how pricey it is, the Internet said deemed it a bad fashion choice for the New York rhymer.

“Smh. un-followed,” one person wrote.

“Like wtf, bro,” wrote another. “Even my grandma doesn’t use the scarf this way.”

“He looks like he’s dressed like the wolf from ‘Little Red Riding Hood,’” a third person joked.

But there were some who didn’t use humor to judge Rocky’s head scarf, because they seemed more offended than anything else.

“None of these young n—- have OG’s?” someone asked. “Like who the f— told you it was cool to rock this sh–, blood? I’m all for being different but not the emasculation.”

Rocky posted a photo of himself wearing the scarf and didn’t disable the comments, so it safe to assume he expected the ridicule.

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