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Bed-Ridden Porsha Williams Unrecognizable to Fans

Porsha Williams is back home after staying in the hospital overnight Saturday, Nov.3 and as the star gets some rest, she’s ditched the makeup in favor of a fresh face and carefree hairstyle.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star uploaded a video to her Instagram page Tuesday, Nov. 6 to ask her fans to urge her assistant, Dominic Rahjee, to vote.

“Y’all give my assistant hell so he will go Vote! lol I voted before my one-week bedrest💪🏾 Make sure you get on y’all friends and family ASS to GO VOTE!! 😃 @drahjee #GetchoAssUpAndVote,” she wrote in the caption.

But fans were more interested in Williams’ makeup-free look.

“when you are beautiful in your naturalist form!!!! 😍😍😍😍 not a lot of women can do that.”

“@porsha4real you are beautiful natural! Everybody don’t look good natural!”

“Natural beauty is better than any make up I’m sorry but your naturally gorgeous @porsha4real you don’t even need to wear make up 🙌🏼”

“You look great natural!”

Yet negativity managed to weasel its way into the comments.

“Porsha lookin rough ma lol.”

“So different w/o makeup. Regular degular.”

“WTF? Is that Porsha? Wht happened to her? She looks nothing like when she’s got make up on, wow!”

“Umm damn girl….rough day?”

Even still, Williams’ loyal followers swooped in to boost her up.

“You Always Look Beautiful! Don’t listen to Negativity ❤️ U !!⭐️❤️⭐️”

“Wow that was so mean, everybody has a relaxing day, no one is made up all the time, real beauty is without the makeup anyways, plus she has edges and hair all her own🎤”

“Don’t listen to that hater piranha. You’re beautiful inside and out. You don’t need all that to make you what you already are.”

And for those wondering, Williams’ assistant did end up casting his ballot. While he initially put it off to catch up on the RHOA premiere, Rahjee later updated his own Instagram followers on his Story and informed them he did get up to go vote that night.

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