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‘What Exactly is He Looking at?’ Kandi Burruss’ Instagram Post Derailed After Fans Focus on Man in Background

Kandi Burruss merely wanted to promote “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” premiere, but fans took notice of something else in her Instagram post instead.

“They caught me showing all my teeth! 🤣 Make sure to tune in to the premiere of #RHOA #Season11 tonight at 8!!!” Burruss captioned her Sunday, Nov. 4 Instagram post.

kandi burruss


Several fans gushed about Burruss’ beauty in the promo pic.

“I love your smile! 😍”

“BEAUTIFUL SMILE 😍😍 I love that you’re always smiling #blessed.”

“They caught u happy and beautiful @kandi 😊😍”

“I love this picture of you. So genuinely pretty.”

“This is an awesome picture. Really captures your personality.”

But while Burruss was worried about all her teeth showing, other fans latched onto the gaze of the man sitting next to her.

“And the guy next to you, what exactly is he looking at?”

“The guy next to you is not looking at your smile.”

“No, they caught that guy looking at them boom booms. Lol.”

“@kandi the guy behind you is in deep booty thought 🌹”

“You may be showing your teeth but the guy sitting next to you isn’t looking at your teeth.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

Ahead of the season 11 premiere of “RHOA,” Burruss opened up to “Entertainment Tonight” about her rift with Porsha Williams, which was teased about when the first episode concluded at 9 p.m., Sunday night.

“I would say it’s a roller coaster,” Burruss says in the interview uploaded online Saturday, Nov. 3, of her dynamic with Williams this season. “I was cool with us starting on a better note, but I think the issue was, in her new relationship, I knew things about her significant other. And when the season first started … I was trying to figure out, do I have these conversations with her, with the group? … Basically, there was some tea dropping. For me, it was more of a thing about, if this is a new relationship, you should know what you’re getting into.”

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