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Tamar Braxton’s Fans Call on Vince Herbert After Racy Video, ‘Hubby Come Back’

Tamar Braxton showed off a little too much skin, and fans were not here for it. On Sunday, Braxton shared a video of her exposing her body in a black transparent laced lingerie body suit. In her caption she wrote, “When he know about @fashionnova 💕This is when u know it’s real😩😂😆🤪😂😂😂😊💑”

Fans expressed their disapproval of Braxton’s attempts to be sexy.

“nope she needs to concentrate on her son”

“why do all you ladies want to be nude? Thats not how to catch him”

“you use to be so classy11 you use to be someone I look up to”

“You can have fame and money.. and not be really happy”

“U look desperate u trying to hard. And u don’t have to”

“hubby come back she is letting herself go”

“Vance stressed you to the max huh”

“Where big Vince at 👀”

Braxton’s fans are often voicing their displeasure with her and her lifestyle. Just last week they criticized the singer because they believed she got cosmetic surgery done to her face. Braxton shared a video of herself on Instagram showing off her makeup skills. In her caption she wrote, “Face by ME💪🏽 song by the Holy Ghost 👻.” Fans left comments like, “YOU NEED TO STOP PUTTING THAT BOTOX IN YOUR CHEEK BONES. YOU LOOK HORRID.” Another fan said, “Not hating. Cheeks bones fillers messing her face up looking so swollen smiling when you not smiling😂😂.”

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